Trine Sneisen Modin

Trine studied at International Stunt School in Seattle and has worked with stunts since 1997. She's been doing stage combat since 1995 and has participated on several courses and workshops, including aerial stunt combat. When Trine isn't flying through the air or catching on fire, she's working as an executive assistant at ABB Norway in Oslo  
Height167 cm

Licenses and Qualifications

  • Air-ram
  • Basic Precision Driving
  • Body Burn
  • Climbing and Abseiling
  • Combat - armed and unarmed
  • Defibrillator Certification
  • Drivers License Class B
  • Fencing
  • Fight coordinator
  • First Aid
  • High-Fall
  • Stair falls
  • Taekwondo
  • Weapon techniques
  • Wire work

Previous Jobs

BlindFeature FilmStunt2012
Smartpark Trondheim ParkingCommericalActor, Stunt2012
StatoilCommericalPrecision Driving2012
De ukjenteTVStunt2012
Spar Strøm, E20CommericalStunt2011
Sons of NorwayFeature FilmStunt2010
Cubus BIGEventStunt2010
PyramidenShort FilmStunt coordinating2010
Just another day at the officeFeature FilmStunt2009
Age of Conan - Rise of the GodslayerGameMotion Capture2009
5 LiesFeature FilmStunt2007
The Junior Olsen Gang and the Silver Mine MysteryFeature FilmStunt2007
Bygg reis degCommericalStunt2007
Breakfast TVTVStunt, Stunt coordinating2006
Hotel Cæsar LiveEventActor, Fighting2006
TorpedoTVStunt coordinating2006
UroFeature FilmStunt coordinating2005
LimboShort FilmStunt coordinating2005
Age of Conan - Hyborian AdventuresGameMotion Capture2005-2007
BN BankCommericalStunt2005
Next DoorFeature FilmFighting, Stunt2004
Absolutt UnderholdningTVStunt2004
The one who fears the WolfFeature FilmStunt coordinating2003
James Bond-showEventActor, Fighting2001
Oslo 1000 yearsEventActor, Fighting2000
Hotel CæsarTVStunt, Stunt coordinating1999 - 2006

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