Pål Morten Hverven

Pål Morten is the founder of The Norwegian Stunt Group and general manager in Fiksern AS. He's got several years of experience as stunt and precision driver and has worked a lot with various vehicles without and with camera rigs, including russian arm and low-loader.
Height188 cm
HairDark Blond

Licenses and Qualifications

  • Advanced Precision Driving
  • Blasting certificate
  • Body Burn
  • Car hits
  • Climbing and Abseiling
  • Diving PADI Open Water
  • Drivers License Class ABECEDE
  • Fire Breathing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hot air balloon operator
  • Safety
  • Ski
  • Stage pyrotechnics certificate
  • Stunt work with children
  • Weapon techniques

Previous Jobs

Statens VegvesenCommericalPrecision Driving2014
SubaruSafety, , Precision Driving2014
Lilyhammer 3TVSafety, , Precision Driving2014
LexusPrecision Driving2014
Trio 22014
Hotel CæsarPrecision Driving2014
Letter to the KingFeature Film2014
The WaveFeature Film2014
BørningFeature Film2013
Crack, Back & SackFeature FilmStunt coordinating2012
90 MinutesStunt coordinating2012
Two LivesFeature FilmStunt coordinating2012
Lilyhammer 1Stunt coordinating2012
The MonitorFeature Film2011
Curling King2011
You Said What?Feature FilmPrecision Driving2011
Sons of NorwayFeature Film2010
DetourFeature FilmStunt coordinating2009
Orps: The MovieFeature FilmStunt coordinating2009
Olsenbanden jr. og Det Sorte GulletFeature FilmStunt2009
Max ManusFeature FilmPrecision Driving2008
Varg Veum - Your Until DeathFeature FilmPrecision Driving2008
Cold LunchFeature FilmPrecision Driving2008
Varg Veum - Sleeping BeautyTVStunt coordinating2008
Svein og Rotta og UFO-mysteriet Feature FilmStunt coordinating2007
Salto, Salmiakk og Kaffe 2004

  • PM kamerabil
  • PM flamme
  • PM motorsykkel
  • PM bil rute