Special effects course!

Special effects course 28 – 30 march in the Oslo-area.

The course will cover, among other things, the use of film weapon, heavy special effects, explosions, fire on people and things and heavier smoke and wind machines. The fee covers all equipment, consumables, food and coffee and transportation from our office to the course location. We provide a significantly larger weapon and bullet hit range than earlier and would like to show / try more than we have ever done before. Participants will, among other things blow up barrels and cars!

There will be a gathering friday evening with a run through of the following days, and two days outdoors saturday and sunday with practical instruction that ends with an explosion assignment.
Stage pyrotechnics certificate is required to participate. With a certificate from this special effects course, you will get access to squibs and all of the 600-effects from Småland Krutbruk. (Petrol Bombs, large krevad / spark effects, lift charges, etc.)

Fee: 12 900,- NOK
Signing up: Send your name and phone number to [javascript beskyttet e-postadresse]