This falls “Fiksern”-premieres

During the fall 2014, the result of many major productions will be shown on the screens across the country for the first time, and Fiksern have contributed on several of these!

The norwegian car movie “Børning” has already been on the big screens for a few weeks and the documentary “Flink Pike” had it’s debut at the Haugesund Film Festival. The cinema premiere for this will be on October 10th, but here’s a taste of what kind of stunt Anna did for the production: Behind the scenes at Flink Pike. The short film “Pink Armageddon” has it’s premiere on September 19th during the Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival. On this production, we worked with snow, frost, stunt coordination, safety and other special effects.

On December 25th “Dirk Ohm” will be shown in the cinemas, where we contributed with snow machines and safety equipment during the shooting in Grong.
Snow and safety work has also helped with the “Kampen for Tilværeøsen”, which airs on NRK September 14th.